Since January 1997, Chintafood and beverage Co.,Ltd has become a leader in herbal drink business with “ CHINZU “ branding. These one of Chita’s companies successful, are also specialize in OEM for many brands in last half decade.

OEM stands for “ Original Enhance Manufacturer “ which define as, one who is offered to run any production under advise and control as original trademark and standard manufacturer. Only thing left for investors is “ distribution”. Because of that ,OEM is a popular choice to save many cost for production and management.

With our determination and dedication in our expertise production business, we offer a guarantee of standard as in a contract. The process start neatly with resource selection, quality of materials and suppliers, then research and laboratory begin. Hi-technology machine is also indispensable for us, which allows us to reach the best quality, taste and hygiene. Certification of GMP and HACCP standard is one of a proof in our quality manufacturer. However health and safeness of consumer is our priority. As our policy “ the first priority is trust and satisfaction of both consumers and investors “.

In additional, our best quality and production manufacturer was resulted from years of experience and technique from both traditional and current medicine production of CHINTA’s companies for over half century and the products also certified by GMP and HACCP standard. Customer can be assured of best standard and quality always from us.