Chintafood and beverage Co., Ltd, the leading herbal drink producer in Thailand, founded on 10th January, 2007 under the umbrella of an over-50-year-enterprise, CHINTA Group. In response to modern- health conscious lifestyle, Chintafood and beverage Co., Ltd took the step towards gathering technical knowledge and experiences to produce its high quality herbal drink, CHINZU. Currently, our product is distributed across the country and also ensured the quality by GMP and HACCP certified.

CHINTA Group is a well-known, long history enterprise specialised in both herbal products and conventional medicine. It comprises 4 subsidiaries committing high standard and high technology to develop, produce and market healthy products to serve our value customers.

1. CHINTA TRADING (1971) Co., Ltd.
The conventional medicine manufacturer operated for over 40 years.
The traditional (herbal) medicine manufacturer operated for over 50 years
The distributor and marketing of CHINTA Group
4. Chintafood and beverage Co., Ltd.
A leading herbal drink manufacturer founded in 2007

Through the years since our inception, we have operated our business under efficient management, production reliability and product integrity.


“We build the healthy individual to the healthy society.”

Our philosophy definitely well explains our intention to promote good health from individual level to society level. As being a long history company in the market, we value the sustainable business and it is our pride to be a part of healthy society.

We realise the problem of health degeneration crisis of city people. The negative factors that accelerate the problem such as pollutions, fierce competition of work and busy lifestyle make people tend to ignore the quality of food they consume. As a result, it brings along the massive health deterioration.

For over 5 decades of our business that we have dedicated ourselves to produce the best medicine, it seemed like we focused on healing but not preventing. In order to prevent from the root cause and fill up the missing jigsaw, we then take the preventive substance into our consideration. That is where our journey begins!
“Chinzu” herbal drink, our innovative product, comes from the determination from delivering the healthy drink to be an anti- illness shield for people. We make it easy to drink with the new sense of herbal taste flavor in response to the modern lifestyles.

“You are what you eat.” This statement is exactly true. The better food you have, the healthier you are. Food does not only mean for repairing and maintaining your body but food that contains useful nutrient can protect you from illness and reduce chance of sickness. In additional, youthfulness is considered as an outgrowth.

Besides the good quality products, we have strong intention to promote a better society, since our vision would not complete without sharing, we plan to give back to our community, by sharing parts of the income to support CSR project. With hoping to see people have both better physical and mental health.

In order to complete our vision , part of our income will be return to our community by supporting of “ RAMA9 rescue radio center “ which is volunteer communication radio center to coordinate with all department such as rescue volunteer ‘s team even police /fire department or hospital to help victim as fast as they need.

The determination to deliver healthy drink to be a shield from illness for people. Not only commercial basis that we consider. We are proud to be one of production that helps people.

To consider consume only goods that benefits to their health and helps reduce a chance of sickness. As we notice that people starts to pay more attention to what they eat more than in the past.

“Chinzu” herbal drinking that cares and meticulous not only good for your health but comes with a good flavor from natural resources!

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Mission of “ Rama9 rescue radio center “

We invited communication radio to be center of all volunteer in our area and network, to co ordinate 24/7 both citizen and government unit such as
- Jor sor 100MHz
- Sor wor por 91Mhz
- TV and Newspaper

By using communication radio public frequency CB 245 Mhz channel 80 or 245.9875Mhz . Plus Hot-line number for people to request for any rescue support Tel +662 6424334 . we currently have more than 200 unit/ department on our network and over 10,000 volunteers.

This center was established on 21 JULY 2000 by Mr. Prasert Leaungaram, who has an impact to others volunteer, from 80 volunteers by his dedication.

For 10 years that he sacrificed himself to help people both physically and financial support without asking for anything in return, he still has full enthusiastic to help, help as fast as he can always.

This is some of his speech on this center
“ if we can help them from any death , we must do “
“ if we can save people from not be handicap , we must do “
“ if we can avoid victim ‘s lost , we must do “
“ I would like to invite anyone to participate with us, to share our principle, to make it better community “

Join us “RAMA 9 RESCUE”

Activities (The food industry's progress.)

Activities(help the flood victims)