Triphala drink : Original Thai Herbal

        On top of that Chinzu mark ourselves as a  in leader of innovation manufacturer  for herbal drink. With cooperation of “ economic value added project by Triphala food institution “ ,becomes perfect combination of Thai herbal ( Myrobalan Wood, Beleric myrobalan, Emblic Myrobalan) , as part of  Thai Knowledge ‘s properties

        Why? For more than 50 years that previous generation of Chinta Food has been produced only herbal medicine ,Goji berry and Ginseng drink. Now it is time to introduce a forgetten most useful herbal of Thailand. With unlimited effort of Mr. Prasert Leaungaram ,the chairman of Chinta food and beverage co,.Ltd ,  now Triphala is back again in drinking style.

        He added “ Our drinking market is full of duplicate product type , when too much is reached , many company will be out of market too soon. That is why he try to focus on what he is good at for decades but it never be easy for herbal drink, though we need many support from government unit at a first start of business, now we can stand on our feet.

        Within 6 months after his idea has been raised , he capable to drive this new launch of Triphala drink to market and get good feedback. But there are many things behind this successful story, Mr. Prasert told us that he has been worked so hard on research and marketing before launch date. Also thank you to Triphala food institution , one of biggest part of Chinzu success, that provide us a very good opportunity to do so.

        What make it so hard about herbal drink ? . Mr.Prasert told that “ new herbal drink means new to everything  such a , technical of ingredient , formula , flavor , its properties and etc.

        Years ago, Thai people tend to say no to herbal drink because its taste. That is why Chinzu has been tested for a long time before launch and it taste really good as if it is not herbal drink anymore.Gratefully  to Triphala food institute who trying so hard to instruct us what is the most important thing for herbal drink Triphala herbal helps balancing human 4 element, reduce cancer chance, healing, weight controllable, get rid of flab and excretory system.

Source : SMEs plus Magazine Vol.1 NO 9 October 2010